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“The final word in walking simulators.” Pedestrian Quest is a piece of educational software from the year 2050, designed to illustrate the dangers of foot travel in a world of self-driving cars and turbulent weather conditions. Explore a semi-randomized dystopia while avoiding distracting news stories, roaming blackouts, and the constant threat of not looking both ways before crossing the street.


PedestrianQuest.zip 239 MB


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The music in this is great. Was it composed specifically for it?


They're original compositions - but I'd say at least half are leftovers that were originally written for other projects. I also set them up to play with a somewhat random pitch, so that they sometimes play at a slower speed and sound like a different arrangement.

This is the second time in a week I've had some positive feedback on the music, so maybe I should give itch.io another chance. Maybe with more of a music-focused game next time...

It'd be pretty cool to see what you come up with. If you enjoy doing this kind of thing you should absolutely not give up.